Clipart of Halloween pumpkins and bats for free.

List 1.1 - at, can, cat, back, dad, am, bat, mad, ran, sack, way, on

List 1.2 - in, it, did, sit, six, fix, lip, mix, pin, wig, an, take

List 1.3 - mom, hot, hop, pot, pop, ox, lock, mop, got, rock, help, use

List 1.4 - nap, naps, sit, sits, win, wins, fit, fits, hit, hits, her, too

List 1.5 - bed, men, red, step, ten, net, let, jet, sled, wet, saw, your

List 1.6 - run, cut, must, sun, up, bump, jump, bus, nut, rug, many, into  

List 2.1 - ship, fish, then, shut, with, rush, shell, shop, trash, thin, want, good 

List 2.2 - face, made, age, safe, take, make, cage, cake, late, name, could, old

List 2.3 - like, ride, smile, time, white, bike, dime, hide, ice, kite, who, work

List 2.4 - home, hope, rose, woke, those, bone, hose, joke, rode, stone, there, together

List 2.5 - huge, June, rule, tube, use cube, cute, flute, rude, mule, water, under

List 2.6 - be, feet, he, see, we, green, me, she, tree, week, some, family

List 3.1 - my, by, try, any, body, fly, cry, lucky, silly, puppy, things, always

List 3.2 - bring, trunk, pink, bank, sang, wing, rink, blank, rang, sunk, every, sure

List 3.3 - fix, fixes, class, classes, wish, wishes, kiss, kisses, bus, buses, friends, very

List 3.4 - ask, asked, plan, planned, help, helped, jog, jogged, call, called, again, soon

List 3.5 - her, first, bird, girl, burn, were, shirt, fur, hurt, sir, visit, done

List 3.6 - bigger, biggest, faster, fastest, slower, slowest, shorter, shortest, sadder, saddest, good-bye, before

List 4.1 - train, way, tail, play, day, may, rain, gray, mail, afraid, about, teacher

List 4.2 - eat, sea, each, team, please, dream, treat, beach, clean, lean, colors, sign

List 4.3 - boat, road, snow, row, yellow, loaf, coat, soap, blow, pillow, once, wild

List 4.4 - lie, tie, high, might, right, night, bright, light, pie, tight, above, laugh

List 4.5 - backpack, outside, baseball, herself, flashlight, bluebird, lunchbox, suitcase, inside, bathroom, picture, remember

List 4.6 - slowly, careful, quickly, useful, painful, playful, sadly, gladly, nicely, wonderful, because, across

List 5.1 - how, town, down, now, brown, cow, clown, frown, crowd, growl, eyes, never

List 5.2 - mouth, house, found, our, out, cloud, ouch, shout, round, count, should, loved

List 5.3 - book, moon, took, food, look, pool, zoo, noon, good, foot, instead, another

List 5.4 - oil, soil, voice, point, boy, boil, coin, oink, toy, join, against, heavy

List 5.5 - saw, draw, crawl, straw, law, jaw, paw, lawn, yawn, hawk, through, science

List 5.6 - unhappy, refill, untie, undo, repay, unkind, undress, retell, reopen refund, different, carry